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The air dryer

Securing your air brake systems

The heaviest vehicles, such as trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery, are usually equipped with air brakes.
In order to generate the compressed air required for braking, the compressor takes in ambient air, which is naturally laden with moisture. This water contamination damages the pipes, valves and reservoirs of the braking system by promoting corrosion and the risk of freezing.
Brake failure poses obvious safety issues for the driver and other road users. It can also lead to costly repairs and downtime. It is therefore important to use an air dryer to prevent these risks.
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The dryer: for clean compressed air

Composed of specific aggregates which, thanks to their nature and structure, allow the absorption of water vapour, the desiccants dry the compressed air of the brake system. A coalescing media retains impurities and oil vapours present in the circuit which can also affect the reactivity of the braking system.
For all these reasons, the air dryer is an essential safety feature that improves component life and vehicle reliability.
HIFI FILTER® offers a wide range of air dryers to suit all types of equipment.

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