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Fuel filtration

Before its final use, the fuel passes through different containers. This multiplication of transition phases increases the risk of contamination with water, dirt and bacteria.
In order to guarantee its cleanliness and protect equipment, fuel must be treated with appropriate solutions.

Why do we need to filter fuel?

Contaminated fuel can seriously damage a vehicle, especially on newer models with sophisticated equipment. Whether it is particles, bacteria or traces of moisture from condensation, the accumulation of contaminants can cause wear and corrosion of fuel injection systems. This can lead to malfunctions, breakdowns and a likely increase in fuel consumption. To limit these complications, it is important to implement complementary and effective filtration solutions during delivery, storage and distribution.

High performance filters for fuel distribution systems

Fuel filters, water separators, water absorbing filters, mobile filtration unit, biocide...
Whether for the treatment of storage tanks, pump filtration or the implementation of mobile refuelling solutions on site, take advantage of the expertise of HIFI FILTER® to ensure the quality of your fuel.

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Looking for a filter, an application, an accessory?



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