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Machines tools filters

Machine tools play a central role in many sectors of the manufacturing industry, such as machining, cutting, plastic injection, printing, etc. To avoid jeopardising production, it is essential that this equipment be of impeccable reliability. In order to guarantee the high performance of the machine tools, all the fluids involved in their operation must be filtered.

Filtration of cutting liquids

Cutting liquids are essential for lubricating and cooling the machined parts. In addition, it increases the service life of machine tools, allows for more careful work on the parts, to promote respect for tolerances and collects the chips from the machining process. However, to ensure that this work is carried out over a long period of time and with a high level of performance, the filtration of the cutting liquids is of vital importance.
Oil filters (pressure, return), automatic belt filters, coalescence de-oiling systems, magnetic separators or mobile filtration units… HIFI FILTER® will help you find the most suitable solution.
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Filters for plastic injection moulding machines

Plastic injection moulding is used for the mass production of parts in many industries and requires high injection pressures of up to 2500 bar.
The quality and performance of the injection moulding process depends to a large extent on the reliability of the machine's hydraulic system. With HIFI FILTER® hydraulic filters, you can maintain your plastic injection moulding machines as well as rotomoulders and extruders.
Also find filters for your peripherals such as feeders, dryers, ovens, rotomoulders, extruders...
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EDM filters

Electrical discharge machining, also known as EDM, allows for extremely precise results, regardless of the nature of the metal being worked. To ensure perfect finishes and to maintain the machine's efficiency, the dielectric fluid must be properly treated through optimal filtration.
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Cutting and printing

Laser cutting, waterjet cutting, 3D printers, offset presses... HIFI FILTER® is able to supply filters compatible with all types of production equipment.
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Oil mists and fumes treatment

Oil mists, fumes and harmful dusts generated by machining processes can have a serious impact on air quality both inside and outside the workshop. It is therefore essential, for health and environmental reasons, to capture these pollutants using efficient filtration and separation solutions.
Our collectors and our compatible spare parts for all brands, help you to protect operators, the environment and your equipment in the long term.
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Oil mist and fume collectors

XMC collectors are a proven solution for the treatment of oil mists, emulsions, fumes and vapours generated by all types of manufacturing processes.
3 modules, multiple configurations!
  • Pre-filtration module for highly polluted environments and volatile materials
  • Main separator composed of a centrifuge and two filters (shell + cartridge)
  • Absolute HEPA final filtration for optimal air quality

Thanks to the 4 filter stages (depending on the model), the air is separated from droplets and particles. The treated air can therefore remain in the production area. The XMC collectors thus guarantee a healthy working environment for the users, ensure energy savings and control emissions.

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