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The most frequently asked questions

    • Our company sells its products only to professionals.

    • Yes, HIFI FILTER® filters are covered by an international insurance group. In the event of engine or material damage caused by the failure of our filters, we assume responsibility for them, provided that they are installed and used correctly.

    • The HIFI FILTER® E-Catalog allows you to search for filters compatible with your equipment or to search for the HIFI® reference corresponding to a competing reference. If you do not find what you are looking for, we recommend that you contact us, taking care to note down as much information as possible (dimensions, applications, references, photos, etc.) which will allow our teams to identify it quickly.

    • Contact us using the contact form, giving details of the non-conformity (dimensional problem, appearance, assembly during use, etc.) and providing us with the following information:

      • The HIFI® reference which is not in conformity, the marking/batch number, the quantity concerned, the quantity in the customer's stock, the number of hours/km of use and the original reference brand.
      • The equipment that is affected by the filter installation, the brand, year, make and reference of the engine and the total hours/km of the equipment.
      The technical team will reply as soon as possible.

    • Our products are subject to special attention throughout the quality process implemented by the HIFI FILTER® group. From the design of the product to its manufacture, including stock control, nothing is left to chance to certify the quality of HIFI® filters.

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