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Dust and smoke filtration

Effective dust filtration

Many industries and manufacturing processes generate dust, such as grain mills, cement factories, sawmills, chemical and food production sites.
Some of this dust can be dangerous for humans and the environment, so regulations are becoming stricter to improve air quality in workshops and reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Faced with these challenges, it is becoming essential for industries to capture and treat them via dust removal systems.
The efficiency and reliability of these systems depend mainly on the quality of their filtration components. It is therefore important to match the quality of the media and the filter surface to the device, in the context of its application. HIFI FILTER puts its expertise at your service to help you optimise and maintain your dust collectors, central vacuum systems, shot blasters, sandblasters and industrial hoovers. Designed in different formats (filter bags, panel filters, cartridges, etc.), our dust collection filters are available in many types of media (polyester, PTFE, antistatic, etc.) to suit the treatment of each pollutant.

Smoke filtration

During metal and plastic processing operations (welding, engraving, laser cutting, etc.), the fumes released can be extremely harmful. To avoid the slightest risk, these fumes must be extracted and neutralised using quality filtration solutions available from HIFI FILTER.
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Filters for industrial vacuums

The air filter is an essential part of a hoover's operation, preventing dust from being released into the environment via the outgoing air stream.
To avoid exposing people to potentially dangerous substances while keeping your premises clean, HIFI FILTER offers a complete range of air filters compatible with your industrial vaccums.
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