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How can you improve the availability of your compressor?
How can you improve the availability of your compressor?
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How can you improve the availability of your compressor?

The availability of a machine is the time during which your industrial equipment is functional and operational for production. Nevertheless, a drop in the availability of your machine can happen. What causes this and what are the associated risks?

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In a compressor, air filters, oil filters and air/oil separators protect the mechanical components and ensure the quality of the outgoing compressed air. During operation, filters wear out in correlation with the working environment and the way they are used. They are affected by dust, temperature variations, humidity, condensate etc. As the compressor is used, the filters become clogged and their performance is reduced.
Ineffective filters can cause unplanned compressor downtime over time. These recurring breakdowns will result in a drop in machine availability and production time, and the company may suffer significant financial losses.
Conversely, high availability of your compressors will result in a high production rate and allow you to generate profits.
In this case, how can downtime be reduced?

High availability and regular maintenance: a winning combination!

Ideally, in order to reduce compressor downtime, plants should carry out comprehensive periodic maintenance. This preventive and corrective maintenance includes the replacement of all parts of your compressors in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This maintenance must also be planned to ensure efficient maintenance and ultimately to maintain a high level of equipment availability. At HIFI FILTER®, our maintenance kits allow you to meet all your maintenance needs.

Maintenance kits ” Compressed air ” HIFI FILTER®: what are the advantages?

The HIFI FILTER® compressed air maintenance kits do not only include filters. They contain all the parts needed for a complete maintenance of your compressors. They include air filters and pre-filters, hydraulic filters, air/oil separator filters, oil filters, seals, circlips, belts, pressure valves, etc. Categorised by specific service intervals for your machine, the compressed air service kits include many benefits.

  • Reliable: The “Compressed Air” maintenance kits group together under a single reference for your machine, all the compatible and high quality parts recommended by the manufacturer for complete maintenance at specific intervals
  • Simple: No more time-consuming searches for the various parts needed for maintenance, HIFI FILTER® offers you: a single package, a single reference to order, a single supplier to consult whatever the brand
  • Economical: Instead of separate purchases, save money with a single order for all your maintenance needs
  • Guaranteed availability and productivity: Regular maintenance of all wear parts requiring regular servicing ensures compressor reliability. Downtimes and operating costs are reduced. This increases the availability and productivity of the machines.

Want to know more? Discover all our compressed air solutions.

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