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How to maintain your garden equipment?
How to maintain your garden equipment?
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How to maintain your garden equipment?

Winter is coming ... This period of inactivity is a good time to maintain all your power equipment: from chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, snowblowers, thermal tractor mowers to ride-on mowers. Annual maintenance includes changing filters (air, fuel, oil and hydraulic). Nevertheless, checking your machines' filters throughout the year is essential to optimise their performance.

Small materials

Equipped with a 2-stroke engine, small equipment (chainsaw, brushcutter, hedge trimmer, snowblower, etc.) dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces contain an air filter. Some are also equipped with a fuel filter. Each of these filters must be maintained regularly.

Lawnmowers, lawn tractors, power tillers...

Ride-on mowers, tractor-mounted thermal mowers and tillers are equipped with a 4-stroke engine. They therefore have an independent oil tank. In addition to air and fuel filters, these machines may also contain an oil filter and a hydraulic filter.

Air filters

There are two types of air filters in power equipment: foam filters and pleated media filters. Often, after 100 hours of use, foam filters become stiff and yellowed. They need to be changed. For pleated media filters, on average, replace them after 50 hours of use. However, if an air filter is torn, remove it immediately and change it.
Cleaning or blowing out an air filter to remove contaminants can reduce its efficiency or even damage it. As a central part of your machine's engine system, it should be replaced regularly.
⚠️In a dusty environment, more frequent maintenance is recommended to protect the mechanics of your machine.
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Fuel filters

If a machine is left idle for a long period of time, its fuel may become contaminated. These contaminants can be water, dust or other pollutants. Infected fuel deteriorates the drive system of your equipment and reduces its performance. To overcome these problems, you can:
  • Use the fuel in your machine to the end or empty the tank. With an empty tank, the fuel will not degrade during winter storage.
  • Refuel your machine to prevent air from entering the tank and contaminating the fuel.

After this manipulation, change your fuel filter if your equipment is equipped with one.
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Oil filters

For the oil, every year, change the oil in your machine to avoid contamination of your machine. Then check the level and replace your oil filter at the same time. If your machine is equipped with a hydraulic filter, change it at the same time.
Once maintenance is complete, store your machine in a dry, dust-free place.
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Why maintain your garden equipment?

Why should you change your air and fuel filters every year? To keep your power tool running smoothly. On the other hand, a clogged filter will impair the performance of your machine and potentially cause:
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Hard starting and loss of engine power
  • Abnormal heating and premature engine wear
  • Engine stoppage

In other words, maintaining your machinery will extend its life and increase its efficiency. For more information, please contact us:
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