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Oil filter

The oil filter: the most important part of an engine

Oil is a central element in the operation of a diesel or petrol engine, lubricating the moving parts and thus preventing premature wear and irreversible damage to the engine. To ensure long-lasting and optimal protection, it must remain clean at all times thanks to effective filtration that retains dust, metal abrasion particles and combustion residues.
By separating these contaminants from the oil as it travels through the system, the oil filter ensures the engine’s longevity and performance. It is therefore essential to choose a quality filter with a high retention capacity and to replace it regularly at each oil change.

HIFI FILTER®: the choice of the best oil filters

Compatible with all your equipment, HIFI FILTER® oil filters guarantee optimal cleaning of the oil circuit even under difficult conditions. Find our range of filter elements and screw-in cartridges for all your maintenance needs.

Additional filtration

To fully purify the oil by absorbing water and removing solid particles, vehicles and equipment can be fitted with additional filters. Mounted in a bypass, this additional filtration improves the longevity and performance of the equipment and extends the maintenance intervals.

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Accessories for oil filters

Find a wide range of accessories for motor oil:

  • Drain plugs
  • Filter heads
  • Transfer units
  • Filter spanners…
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Spare elements

Complete filters – Filter heads



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