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Maintain your industrial purifiers with HIFI FILTER®.
Maintain your industrial purifiers with HIFI FILTER®.

Maintain your industrial purifiers with HIFI FILTER®.

At the heart of metal processing plants, machine tools dedicated to turning, milling, grinding, drilling, threading, etc. are in daily use. The use of whole oils and/or emulsions is essential to their smooth operation. During metal machining, these oils lubricate and protect the contact surfaces between the workpieces and the cutting tools. They also maintain the machined parts at a stable temperature and evacuate the swarf, thereby extending the life of the cutting tools and improving the surface finish. However, their use generates oil mist, which is harmful to operators and the surrounding environment.

Major risks for your plants

During metal machining, friction between cutting tools and workpieces generates heat. To prevent overheating, a cutting fluid is injected. However, the thermal shock caused by the temperature difference forms a mist of ultra-volatile micro-particles of the cutting fluid, more commonly known as oil mist.
An oil mist is made up of a multitude of droplets. Each droplet measures less than 40µm and is imperceptible to the naked eye. They are nonetheless harmful to operators, machine tools and the environment. In the workshop, particles can cause respiratory and dermatological problems in workers. The risk of workplace accidents following a fall also increases because the floor has become slippery. Similarly, this soiling of the plant impairs the precision of machine tools and leads to an increase in maintenance operations, resulting in additional costs for production sites.

Oil mist cleaners

To minimise risks in your plant and protect your operators, the use of an oil mist scrubber is essential. These devices treat the oil mists and fumes generated during metal machining. They capture the droplets in the air, group them together and then reinject the purified lubricant into the machine tool. In this way, clean air can be discharged into the workshop or outside.
As well as recycling oil, installing an oil mist scrubber has a number of advantages. Firstly, it creates a healthy environment for workers by effectively capturing harmful particles. By eliminating these residues, a scrubber also increases the availability and lifespan of equipment. Finally, by installing a scrubber, you will be complying with current environmental standards, thereby preserving your plant's reputation.
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There are many models and brands of purifiers, but they generally include the following filtration stages:
  • Pre-filtration: This stage is the first line of defence against impurities. By removing chips, volatile matter and large oil droplets, a pre-filter helps to preserve the main filter.
  • Centrifugation: Some purifiers may also contain a centrifugation stage. This separation method is generally carried out using a propeller. This throws the heavier oil particles towards the walls, allowing the lubricant to be recovered and then reinjected into the machine tool.
  • Main filtration: A central stage in any air purifier, the air flow passes through filter elements in the form of envelopes, cartridges or panels. These devices guarantee optimal filtration and quality of the exhaust air.
  • Post-filtration: When ultra-fine particles are present, the purifiers incorporate absolute filters. With an extremely low penetration rate (MPPS: Most Penetrating Particle Size), these high-efficiency filters block the majority of microscopic particles from 0.1 to 0.2µm. These include the EPA filter, with a filtration efficiency of 99.5%, recommended for emulsified oils, and the HEPA filter, with a filtration efficiency of over 99.95%, ideal for whole oils. These efficiencies refer to standard EN 1822:2009. For complete protection, activated carbon filters are available, effectively treating dangerous odours, fumes and vapours.

HIFI FILTER® filters: guaranteeing the efficiency of your purifiers

Regardless of the type of purifier or its configuration, filters play an essential role, and replacing them is even more crucial to ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly. At HIFI FILTER®, we provide you with high-performance replacement filters that ensure optimum air quality, as well as many other benefits:
  • Performance: HIFI FILTER® filters provide effective filtration, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Availability: Pre-filters, cartridge filters, panel filters, high-efficiency EPA and HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, etc. HIFI FILTER® filters are compatible with many brands of purifiers (AR Filtrazioni, Donaldson Torit, Filtermist, Losma, LNS, Coral, etc.), simplifying your supply process.
  • Technical support: Our technical team is available to answer your questions and help you choose the right filters for your equipment.
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Choosing HIFI FILTER® replacement filters means opting for quality, ensuring optimum working conditions and constant performance from your purifiers. To find out more about our range of compatible filters for purifiers, please consult our online catalogue.