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Water, a danger for your diesel engines
Water, a danger for your diesel engines

Water, a danger for your diesel engines

Over the years, technological innovations have led to the optimisation of machine performance through high-pressure injection systems, while consuming less and less fuel. This progress has also had an impact on the field of filters. With ever finer filtration, our HIFI FILTER® filters ensure the cleanliness of your fuels by removing contaminants, such as water.
Water can contaminate your machine during refuelling, use or even when it is not running. The presence of water can cause abnormal wear to your equipment and a lack of machine availability. Removing this contaminant will ensure that your engine runs smoothly.

The appearance of water in your fuel tank

The level of water contamination varies according to the environment of your equipment (humidity, temperature variation, geographical area of work, etc.). These variables cause water to condense. Condensation is a physical process linked to a variation in temperature, resulting in the liquefaction of a gas. How can this phenomenon occur in a fuel tank?

Scenario 1: Room temperature

During the day, when using your machine, you consume diesel or petrol. This consumption leads to a drop in the fuel level in your tank. The fuel consumed is compensated for by air that enters through the breather holes. This air is loaded with moisture. When night falls, the temperature drops and the tank cools down.
As a result of this drop in heat, the moisture in the air condenses and forms droplets along the walls of the tank. In the morning, the temperature rises again. The droplets fall off the walls and into the tank. Your diesel is then contaminated.

Scenario 2: 4-stroke diesel engine systems

In an operating diesel engine system, the compression and combustion phases increase the ambient temperature. The fuel, which is also responsible for cooling the injection system, heats up.
This temperature contrast creates condensation and water droplets form in the fuel. The water-laden diesel returns to the tank and contaminates it.
As this happens, water can accumulate at the bottom of the tank. If too much water accumulates, there are risks. In particular, water increases the risk of bacterial growth in the fuel. These microbial organisms can clump together and clog fuel delivery systems and filters. Advanced microbial growth can further degrade the diesel fuel, cause a breakdown in equipment availability and result in significant damage.
In short, severe water contamination of fuels would result in damage to combustion engines and reduced performance of your machinery. At HIFI FILTER®, we offer two types of filtration solutions to remove or avoid water in your tanks: water separator filters to be mounted directly on your machine and mobile diesel filtration units.

Water separating fuel filters: longevity and performance for your diesel engine

Protect your diesel (or petrol) with our water separating fuel filters. They can be fitted to your main system or to an upstream system. These filters will ensure the longevity and performance of your equipment as well as the spacing of maintenance intervals.
HIFI FILTER® offers three ranges of fuel filters: decanters (1), water separators (2) and centrifugal water separators (3). This wide range of filtration solutions can be adapted to the different geographical areas and fields of activity of your machines.
The MO1650, as well as all our filters in the "decanter fuel filters" range, separate water and fuel through the physical phenomenon of decantation. To find out more, read our article "Separation and Filtration: our expertise").
Please note that among our decanter fuel filters, different flow rates, pressures and connections are available in our catalogue in order to match all the characteristics of your machines.
HIFI FILTER® decanters equipped with a filtering element decontaminate your fuel by means of decanting and a media. Our catalogue offers two types of filter solutions under this name:
  • Filters with a decanter bowl: control the water level and drain the excess via its drain
  • Filters with a bleed screw: without visual control and in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, unscrew regularly and empty the water accumulated at the bottom of the flange.

The media installed in these filters is mostly two-layer, such as the MO 1400. Dual layer media uses a cellulose media for pre-filtration and a polyester media for water separation. The purpose of this technology? To optimise the purity of your fuel and ensure the protection of your diesel engine.
Known as "water separating diesel filters" in our HIFI FILTER® catalogue, such as the MO 14130, they offer optimum decontamination of your fuel in your diesel system. These fuel filters perform a double filtration of your diesel. Firstly, the centrifugal force created by a turbine throws the particle-laden water against the filter walls. Since the water is heavier than the diesel, it slides down the flange until it lands in the decanter bowl. The diesel then rises and passes through a hydrophobic media. This retains the water residue and allows the purified fuel to pass through.

Mobile diesel filtration unit: proven efficiency for purified fuel

In addition to your machine's original system, you can decontaminate your fuel with a mobile diesel filter cart. Portable diesel filter units are preventive and curative maintenance tools that are malleable and can be used by a field operative. They are used for on-site refuelling or system clean-up. These filtration solutions purify the fuel in a tank or drum by removing accumulated water and impurities. As a result, the risk of microbial growth due to stagnant water is reduced and maintenance downtime is reduced. Our HIFI FILTER® catalogue contains two references of mobile diesel filtration units: GMN 025S30Z003Z and GMN 073S30S30 X.
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HIFI FILTER® GMN 025S30Z003Z mobile filtration unit

  • Processed fuel: diesel
  • Pump equipped with a 230V motor for a flow rate of 25L/min
  • Equipped with a water separator with a filtration threshold of 30 µm (*)

(*) Other options available with a filtration threshold of 2, 10 and 150 µm
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HIFI FILTER®GMN 073S30S30 X mobile high flow filtration unit

  • Fuel processed: diesel
  • Pump equipped with a 230V/50Hz motor for a 73L/min flow rate
  • Watertight tank with quick-drain plug